20 years of experience

Purchase and sale of real estate and mortgage receivables

Michal Kubicki

The founder and majority shareholder of the company has been active in the real estate market since 1995.

He has held managerial positions in major development firms such as Echo Investment, Metro Group Real Estate, and Realia Polska. Since 2006, he has successfully established two large development organizations, Volumetric Polska and Unimax Development, which have constructed over 2,000 residential units. Michał Kubicki also has extensive experience in general contracting as the vice president and one of the two shareholders of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Unimax. Currently, he serves as a Presudent and shareholder of the Omega Asset Management capital group, which is involved in several development projects.

In May 2023, he was appointed as a member of the Real Estate Committee at the National Chamber of Commerce.
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Scope of activities


We purchase real estate for development projects across Poland. We make swift decisions and promptly pay from our own funds.


We obtain all necessary approvals, agreements, and permits required for project execution. This includes building permits, utility agreements, and road access agreements. Additionally, we handle complex legal situations related to real estate.

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